Ozone Generator and N95 Face Mask's

For a fresh, clean smelling, healthy environment use
Crystal Air ozone generators

Leading the industry in innovation and quality

Our ozone generators and C20 deodorizer are second to none and are widely used for the easy elimination of pet & skunk odors, smoke, mold, fungus, fire, flood, and almost any odor at work or at home. Crystal Air ozone generators, used properly can also be used to purify the air and recreate the same fresh air that you experience shortly after a thunder storm.

Mold, mildew, and fungus can be oxidized with ozone. An ozone treatment with a high output ozone generator should be a part of every mold, mildew, or fungus cleanup, otherwise there will still be mold or fungus spores waiting for humidity or moisture so they can begin to grow again. 

If you have a cat or a dog odor from urine on the carpet, etc. Crystal Air has the only complete solution available. C20 deodorizer and an ozone generator will totally eliminate the odor in your home for good.