TDS TheDabStick DIY Kit

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TDS TheDabStick DIY Kit allows you to provide your own base to mount on and enjoy your own creative base design and material. You could mount this directly on your table or coffee table, or 3D print your personal model design, or put your creative wood working skill to work and display proudly to your friends.

Included: 1x 20mm e-nail, 1x e-nail mount, 1x washer, 1xbolt, 1x nut, 1x SS mount plate, 1x mini wax spoon, 1x glass straw and 1x 3D holder for a dab spoon and glass straw. 4x screws for mounting.

The 3D holder has a handle to grab, a mount hole for a dab spoon and a resting groove for the glass straw and a groove on the bottom to secure the electric cord going from the nail to the temperature controller.

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