Titanium Enail kit : Black Bundled with TheDabStick

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Titanium enail Electric dab nail PID Temperature Control E Nail Dnail kit wax vaporizer for 16/20MM heater.

Bundled with :

TDS TheDabStick a 3D Printed or Bamboo Hemp seed oiled Nail-Base & Hardware Stand Kit eliminates the need for a bong for those who desire no water and less maintenance and no glass to break or clean. 


 Coil cord Kevlar sheath, 1.5m / 5 feet

Resistance Wire    :Ni Cr 80-20

Insulation Material : MgO

ThermocoupleK type

Maximum Sheath Temperature: 700°C

Die Electrical Strength:    800V A/C

Wattage Tolerance  :  + 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)

Resistance Tolerance : + 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)

Coil Length:   + 1mm

Packing list

 1x PID temperature control box

1x Coil heater

1x Power cable(1.2m)

1x Titanium nail

1x Titanium carb cap

1x Instructions

 1x Zipper Case

2x Silicone container

1x TheDabStick

Included in The Dab Stick kit : 1x 20mm e-nail, 1x e-nail mount, 1x washer, 1xbolt, 1x nut, 1x SS mount plate, 1x 3D printed or Bamboo base, 1x mini wax spoon, 1x glass straw.

3D base dimensions; 12x11x3 cm has 2x 3D handles.


Bamboo base dimensions; 23x15x1 cm has 1x 3D handle straw holder.

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